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We create strategies that adapt and drive our clients in the midst of changing market conditions.

At Nerd Agency we want you to be a constant part of all the conversations that are happening in the current social networks and that will work with your brand; in this way and with original content we will create strategies that will generate an active relationship between your audience and your business idea or work.

Community Manager

Drive traffic to your platforms and build customer loyalty, among many other benefits.

Guarantee and positioning

We guarantee our clients real results in terms of positioning, follower growth and most importantly, the unique opportunity to have a direct experience with their target communities.

Google Shopping

We optimise product catalogue campaigns in Google Shopping in our own e-commerce, focused on achieving the best results.

More qualified traffic

Increase the quality of traffic to your website by including product-specific calls to action in your ads.

Email Marketing

We reach your target audience, through e-mails where you can offer your services to potential you will be able to offer your services to potential clients and build loyalty among old users,


They allow you to maintain a conversation with your subscribers, so that you keep in touch from the beginning until they finally buy.

WhatsApp Business Campaigns

We reach your audience through short and clear messages, sent by WhatsApp Business. This through structured content,

Improved experience

By having direct communication with your customers, they demonstrate greater confidence in transacting with the business.

Marketplace strategies

We develop strategies to sell your products on these huge market platforms. market platforms.

Easy management

These types of e-commerce tools ensure that you send accurate and up-to-date content to any marketplace, automatically and instantly.

Customer service

Our hallmark is to not only answer our clients' questions, but to help them when they haven't even asked for our help.

Improve productivity

Use workflows, automation and artificial intelligence to route your tickets to the right agent.

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