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Who are we?

We are Nerd Agency and we are young, so young that you have never seen or heard our ideas before.

We are full of creativity, innovation, perseverance, passion and all the energy to make things possible.

We provide solutions in an environment that we know more than any other, and that generates great impact: digital. That is why we focus on offering solutions in Digital Marketing (RRSS, SEM, SEO, Digital Content, Digital Advertising, E-Mail Marketing), Branding, Web Development and Software.

We create from positioning and strengthening strategies, to the development of platforms that break with the traditional expectations to which brands are accustomed; in order to generate a unique differential value.

Finally, we never stop learning, nor stop looking for ways to provide our clients with the best in what we do best: marketing, web development and advertising.


Our Nerd DNA allows us to create new ways of doing, communicating, and sharing. our ideas and be references in the market.


We develop a creative environment in all our spaces together with our collaborators and partners in terms of co-creation. Working as a team.


Behind good results there is good planning, we design exclusive strategies for each need and opportunity. strategies for every need and opportunity.


We seek daily the impulse to be better day by day, we are passionate about excellence and good work to offer our excellence and good work to offer it to our clients' brands.

We help with strategy, design and development.

What we believe in

Supporting, promoting and positioning large and medium-sized brands, wherever they are, because our ideas have a way of reaching anywhere. Thanks to the technological and marketing tools we know and execute, we are today’s Nerd.

We will be a reference and so will our clients for developing new and impactful ideas. We seek to provide Nerd services in the entire digital environment, that is, in everything you can see on a screen and even what you can’t see on a screen, in social networks, web development and brand positioning. Our clients will recognise us for providing an integrated experience in which they can be confident that the best people are working in their digital environment and that their brands can be strengthened and positioned on all platforms.

Nerd Agency


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